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Transfer FAQs

What’s a loan transfer?
When a loan transfers, it means there will be a new servicer managing your mortgage. PHH Mortgage is now the servicer of your loan. We’ll take care of your servicing needs including payments, mortgage questions and support.
Why was my loan transferred?
It’s common in the mortgage industry for loans to transfer between servicers for a variety of business reasons. Your loan transfer is not a reflection on you, and we’re delighted to be your new servicer.
Why doesn’t the system recognize my new account number and/or why can’t I register online?
For about a week after the transfer date, you may not be able to access your loan. During this time, we’re verifying account information from your prior servicer and updating our systems. Once this is done, you can register online, and our automated phone system will recognize your loan number too.
What if I made a payment to my prior servicer?
Payments made to your prior servicer on or after the transfer date will be forwarded to us and we’ll credit your account. It may take a few days to receive and apply the payment, but don’t worry, we won’t charge late fees or submit negative credit report during the first 60 days following the transfer date.
My payment is due – how can I make my payment?
We offer several ways to make your mortgage payment. Check out ways to pay and select the one that’s right for you. 
I was enrolled in automatic payments with my prior servicer. Will my automatic payments continue after the transfer?
Refer to your Servicing Transfer Notice to find out whether your automatic payments will continue. You can also confirm by registering an online account and checking the payment details online.
I use a bill pay service to make my mortgage payment. What do I do?
Contact your provider to update the payee information and include your new PHH account number. You can find your account number online if you have a registered account. You can also find it in the Servicing Transfer Notice and the first monthly statement.

Payee Information:
PHH Mortgage Services
P.O. Box 94087
Palatine, IL 60094-4087

My prior servicer managed my escrow account. What will happen to it?
Your escrow account will automatically transfer to us and we’ll continue to make your tax and insurance payments on time.