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Transfer FAQs

What is a loan transfer?

When the servicing of your loan is transferred, it means that there will be a new servicer managing your mortgage. PHH Mortgage is now the servicer of your loan and we will be taking care of your mortgage servicing needs including payments, mortgage questions and support.

Why was my loan transferred?

Mortgages are transferred between servicers all the time for a variety of business reasons. Your loan being transferred is not a reflection on you, and we are delighted to be your new servicer.

What if I made a payment to my prior servicer?

If your prior servicer receives a payment on or after the transfer date the payment will be forwarded automatically to PHH Mortgage. It may take a few days for PHH to receive and apply the payments, but this forwarding will not negatively impact the account or credit report during the first 60 days after transfer.

Why is my new account number not recognized and/or I can’t register on the website?

For some loans there is roughly a one-week period following the date of transfer where you may not be able to access your loan as we are verifying your account data from your prior servicer and updating our systems. Once this verification process is complete, you may register and access your online account, and the automated phone system will recognize your loan number, and we will mail the Servicing Transfer Letter and the first monthly statement.

My payment is due – where do I mail a payment?

Mail your payment to:

PHH Mortgage
P.O. Box 94087
Palatine, IL 60094-4087

I was enrolled in auto draft with my prior servicer before my loan transferred. Will my auto draft continue after the transfer?

Please refer to your Servicing Transfer Notice to determine whether your auto draft payments will continue. You can also confirm by registering for an online account and checking the payment details online.

I use a bill payment service to pay my monthly mortgage payment. What do I do?

If you are currently making payments through a third party, please contact your bill payment provider and arrange to update the payee information and your new PHH loan # to ensure your payment is applied timely.

PHH Mortgage
PO Box 5452
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

You can obtain the loan number in the Servicing Transfer Notice or the first monthly account statement.