Other Ways to Pay

You can choose to pay your mortgage using a bill pay service, mailing a check or money order or by phone. 

Payment Service - If you use your bank’s payment service, please allow enough time before your due date to make sure the payment posts on time.  Keep in mind you may not see your payment post to your account on the same day it was sent. 

Mail – You can mail a check or money order made payable to PHH Mortgage. Include your payment coupon and indicate if you’re making additional principal or escrow payments. Mail your payment 5-7 business days before it’s due so it arrives in time. 

Mortgage Account Payments
PHH Mortgage Services
P.O. Box 94087
Palatine, IL 60094-4087
HELOC Account Payments
PHH Mortgage Services
P.O. Box 0055
Palatine, IL 6005-0055

Phone – Make an automated phone payment by calling 1-800-449-8767 and follow the prompts or you can speak to an agent to make a payment. Please note there may be a fee to process your payment.

You can also make a payment using:

  • Wire transfer
  • MoneyGram – The MoneyGram receive code is 7440
  • Western Union – the code city is PHHUS and the state code is NJ.