With Autopay, you can set it and forget it!  When you enroll in Autopay, you don’t need to worry about missing a payment.  You automatically pay your bill from a checking or savings account once-a-month, biweekly or twice- a-month – you choose, and you could save!

Choose a date and payment amount and we’ll automatically draft from your checking or savings account. 





Make monthly payments, every month on the same date. Save money by paying your mortgage down faster by making one extra payment a  year.
  • Each payment is half the regular monthly amount plus optional additional principal.
  • Twice a year you'll make three payments in a month resulting in one extra principal payment a year.
  • In your first month, you’ll make your regular current month’s payment plus two half payments.
  • After your first month, you’ll make two half payments every other week.

Budget your payment amounts by splitting your monthly payment amount into two payments.

  • Choose two different payment dates per month.
  • Select the amount for each payment and any optional additional principal.
  • Choose a different checking or savings account for each payment if you want.