Other Commonly Asked Questions

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What law establishes escrow account guidelines?  The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) is a federal law that dictates how lenders establish and maintain escrow accounts. Some states also have escrow account regulations for homeowners in the state. If your state does not have its own regulations, your escrow account is governed by RESPA.

If my escrow account has a shortage, can I deposit funds to my escrow account?  You may make an escrow deposit of any amount by mail. If your account is current, you can also make an escrow deposit through our automated phone system or on our website. Fees may apply when making an escrow deposit by phone or online.  If you are sending an escrow deposit by mail, make sure to write the account number on the check and write “Escrow Application" on the memo line. Send the check or money order to:

PHH Mortgage Services
PO Box 371867
Pittsburgh PA 15250-7867

For overnight mail, send the check or money order to:

PHH Mortgage Services
Attn: 371867
500 Ross Street 15-0470
Pittsburgh, PA 15250

When will I get my escrow overage refund check? If the account is current and not in bankruptcy at the time of the analysis and the overage is less than $50.00, we use the overage to lower the monthly escrow payment. If the overage is $50.00 or more, you'll get a refund. We will send a check within 30 days of completing the escrow analysis.

If the account is in bankruptcy or is not current at the time of the analysis, the overage stays in the escrow account until the next escrow analysis.

I paid off my loan, when will I get a check for my escrow balance? After we make any required escrow disbursements, we will refund the remaining escrow balance. We will send the refund check to the mailing address on file. Please allow 20 business days to receive the refund check.

How can I cancel or remove my escrow account? You can submit a request to remove the escrow account used for payment of property taxes/insurance from the loan. Please download and sign this form and return this to us via email or mail. Upon receiving your request, we will review and notify you in writing if the account meets the eligibility criteria to have the requested items removed from escrow. Please continue to make the escrow payment until you receive confirmation of escrow account removal.  

I live in Florida or California and have heard about insurance companies limiting new homeowners insurance policies. Do I need to do anything right now?
If you have specific questions about your renewal, speak to your insurance agent or company directly. Click here to read about recent changes.